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DMF Update – Vic Churches August 2023

Please find attached video presentation by Simone Ferro providing an update on the DMF

DMF Information Session August 2023

Attached is a presentation providing an update to the DMF by our NSW State Manager

DMF Update 17/8/23

Attached is a recording of a presentation conducted by Stefanie Binnie, our Queensland State Manager.

DMF Queensland Presentation

his video provides a general overview of the DMF and how it will affect Baptist Churches. It is a direct recording of Queensland Baptists information session.

Information on the DMF

In our Presentations section, we will include presentations we run at various workshops on the DMF. The first is a generic presentation we currently provide for all our constituents. The second that we will shortly be uploading will be a LOTE Presentation we have put together for those whose second language is English.