About Baptist Insurance Services

Baptist Insurance Services is a ministry of Australian Baptist Ministries and operates as a “delegated body” of the National Council. It commenced in 1984, initially in Victoria and then progressively to all other states and territories. It is now a national insurance scheme organising insurance on property and other assets in excess of $5 billion and on behalf of over 1350 constituents.

Utilising the services of International Insurance Brokers and Insurance Companies, BIS organises a comprehensive range of insurance covers including:

  • Industrial Special Risks
  • General Liability
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Management Liability
  • Employment Practices
  • Cyber Protection
  • Personal Accident
  • Corporate Travel Insurance
  • Motor Vehicle
  • Student Personal Accident
  • Student Travel
  • Marine Hull
  • Contract Works

Drawing on the experience of the BIS Board and staff and the tremendous support of our insurance brokers and underwriters, we are able to ensure that the insurance policies we use are very broad in the cover provided, yet remain extremely competitive pricewise.  Baptist Insurance Services Ltd ACN 602 535 651 (“Baptist Insurance Services”) places all policies with licensed insurance underwriters using an international insurance broker (“Insurance Program”). Baptist Insurance Services is the holder of Australian Financial Services Licence No. 514857 and is able to provide general advice on general insurance products and deal in general insurance products. Each policy from our licensed underwriters is maintained with Baptist Insurance Services and are available at any time for viewing and/or interpretation. Copies of the policy wordings can be provided, at no cost, to constituents upon request. A Certificate of Currency, confirming a policy is active, may be obtained at no cost from Baptist Insurance Services at any time.

By doing this, we can help to protect the assets of the Baptist community in Australia while minimising the need to take critical funds away from the important ministries they run.

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