Risk Management - General

Baptist Insurance Services gratefully acknowledges the invaluable support and assistance of Vero Insurance in allowing us to use many of these documents.


Business Continuity Management
Some vital information on business continuity management and contingency planning.

Flammable And Combustible Liquid Hazards
Are you keeping your property safe?

Food Allergens
Reducing the exposures of food allergens

HID Lighting Risks
Do you use High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights at your property and are they safe?

Hot Work Permits
If your organisation is having any hot work carried out, utilise this Hot Work Permit, provided by Allianz Insurance, to ensure that all precautions are being taken.

Jumping Castles
Some risk management considerations if you are contemplating using a jumping castle

Missions Trips
Do you have people going overseas on Missions trips?

Solar Panels
Managing the risks of solar panels

Thermal Scanning
The advantages of thermographic scanning of electrical componenets, e.g. main switchboards

Volunteer Protection
This article deals with an organisations requirements under the new Work Health & Safety Act as they apply to volunteers.

Water Activities
Are you planning on running some water activities? Have you considered all of the risks?

Wheel Stop Information
Does your church, school or other organisation provide off street parking for its members and visitors? Do you know what your obligations are under the Australian Standard AS?NZS 2890.1:2004? Read this article provided by Vero Insurance to find out.